Hebei Sun & Kay Law Offices was established in 2013. Since its beginning, Sun & Kay lawyers are engaged in serving for commercial transactions and foreign-related investment. We provide: legal consultant service for enterprises; non-litigation service for important business transaction/foreign investment project/oversea investment project; and agent service for commercial litigation/arbitration cases.

       Hebei Sun & Kay Law Offices consisted of 10 members, among which there are 7 lawyers and 3 administrative staff. All our lawyers, with bachelor or master degree, have served many years in commercial legal service area and accumulated rich experience in communicating with enterprises.

       Sun & Kay lawyers are building a borderless and elite law office. We broadly corporate with our counterparts specialized in other legal area in Beijing and other cities. We are striving for most efficient legal service supplier for our client.


      Sun & Kay lawyers are able to work with Chinese and English language.

      For litigation/arbitration cases, our goal is to resolve conflict, reduce loss and realize value.

      For non-litigation affairs,WE offer timely, efficient and commercially service.

      For commercial transactions, WE offer service of due diligence, legality confirmation, attending business negotiation, issuing legal document and settling dispute.

      For foreign-related investment (foreign-invested project and oversea project), we provide consulting service, assist to perform investment (draft legal document, push and assist its performance) and handle disputes thereof.

      Sun & Kay lawyers are especially experienced in serving as WFOE LEGAL CONSULTANT.