National People's Congress on behalf of Suggestions: strengthen legislation to crack down on the crime of illegal financial regulation

      According to the characteristics of the new financial crime, the new situation, National People's Congress on behalf of the proposal, promoting financial related legislation, perfecting the financial regulatory system, to carry out the rectification action, set up a big data risk monitoring platform, etc. To combat financial crime.

      Administration of the China banking regulatory commission head Chen Qiongdeng 16 representative in the advice says: "the current to be settled as soon as possible in the law, there could not be in accordance with the problems, to prevent the disorderly development of certain financial forms, savage growth."

      Deputy to the National People's Congress, President of gansu province higher people's court Liang Mingyuan thinks, to strengthen the compliance of financial institutions, perfect the risk early warning and prevention mechanism; To strengthen the construction of credit information sharing mechanism between Banks, Strengthen supervision and administration of local commercial Banks; And to strengthen policy guidance and market conditions.

      Chen Qiongdeng represent advice, carry out special situation and political activity, the illegal financial institutions and businesses adhere to the "early" "small", to prevent the accumulation of financial risks and amplifier, maintain financial order.

      Deputy to the National People's Congress vice chairman, vice-chairman of the central full-time jian-ming gong suggested that build to crack down on illegal fund-raising warning the public platform of national unity, sharing including net loan company and its operating data information; Establish a nationwide unified under the coordination of illegal linkage mechanism, in order to realize the joint control of illegal fund-raising cases, etc.