110 groups of data reflecting the court a year work "contracted but not simple"

      This morning, the 12th National People's Congress four conference voted that report on the work of the supreme people's court, the supreme people's procuratorate of the draft resolution. After a vote, the supreme people's court work report for 2600, against 208 votes, abstained 46. Against the votes of the 213 votes in 2015, down 5 tickets.

      The supreme people's court why work report by high ticket? This high quality reports come out? Read what? Today, the supreme people's court relevant controller introduces the draft after the work report.

      Modify the 30 draft a masterpiece

      How comprehensive summary work over the past year, how to keep up with the requirements of The Times and people's anticipation, planning a good New Year work? Is a great thing for the supreme law. In October 2015, at the highest law, head of the office and the dean's office staff as the main body of the report eventually set up, the official start of the report drafting.

      President of the supreme people's court zhou qiang attaches great importance to this work: in drafting the preparatory stage, the work report of the guiding ideology, overall framework, key content, writing style and put forward specific requirements; In comment phase, attaches great importance to every feedback, for eventually serious study absorption; In modification phase, host DangZuHui specializes in discussion, and led eventually repeated study, strives for perfection. During the Spring Festival, zhou qiang is still using the rest time to change the report, the first day after work, that is called eventually change the report, until the report is finalized, he called eventually study dozens of times, put forward many new ideas and work deployment.

      In order to ensure the successful completion of the report drafting tasks, in the preparatory stage, eventually made the report draft working plan and working parameter, in strict accordance with the plan in order to carry out the work.

      Eventually learn more the eighteen class 3, 4, and the party's 18 fifth plenary session of the spirit and the central working conference of politics and law documents, in-depth study xi general secretary series of important speech spirit, according to the spirit of the CPC central committee a series of meetings and deployment, begin drafting. In order to ensure the report summarizes full and comprehensive work, eventually early widely collected data, combed the highest law in 2015 to carry out the important meeting activity, judicial explanation and normative documents, to release the circumstance of guiding cases and typical cases, summarizes the supreme law departments provide 2015 work summarizes the material. Eventually into more than Beijing, shaanxi and other provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) court investigation, understand the courts at all levels of performance and the existing problems, and in all the higher people's court to submit the work summary and mining valuable information briefing materials.

      On this basis, through the in-depth research, scientific and overall planning, according to the comments on the report ready to burnish, constantly revising, after 30 times change, reports have been finalized. This is the highest law in recent years a work report to modify the most times.

      As time and time again discussion, again and again modification, the work report gradually presents the four distinctive features: the fundamental purpose of justice for the people throughout the full text; Fully embodies the "substantial work" spirit; Objective summary results, and points out problems frankly; Reflect the history of the people's court.

      Article 132 gathered intelligence absorption opinion

      Fully solicit opinions from all walks of life advice, widely gathering intelligence public opinion and report drafting is an essential link.

      Respectively at the end of January to the end of February this year, the report for the relevant leaders, part of the National People's Congress, CPPCC, experts and scholars, invited consultant, all the court director, authority departments. To the "two sessions" held on the eve of eventually received 569 comments, after summary and careful study, adopted by 132.

      Eventually, according to the advice of local priorities and highlights the refinement, strives for the local court for one year the most outstanding work written report. Some court, for example, a batch of major cases and typical cases, such as zhou yongkang bribery and abuse of power, purposely divulging state secrets, the country's first "zebra crossing a fine case", etc.; Some courts in the trial execution work accumulated a good experience, good practice, such as sichuan meishan disputes diverse dissolve the experience, henan maintenance rights and interests of migrant workers, etc.; Some courts to take an active part in the judicial reform, such as the first, the second batch of pilot reform of the judicial system, people's juror system reform, etc.

      It has been suggested that report and push with the rule of law to dissolve the excess capacity, and it has been suggested to increase the judicial national open development strategy better service, these opinions fully embodies the concept of governance of the party and the country, and agree with the people's court to carry out the new development concept, fully absorb these opinions.

      Someone put forward, in the hope that in the aspect of maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of women, children, old people pay more attention. This opinion reflects the masses, is also the focus of the people's court for a long time work, therefore, for this content, the report details the many.

      Criminal trial work of train a introduction to punish infringement of children and women's rights and interests of criminal, civil trial work part introduces how to court to protect the personal safety of women and children in the judicial practice, to accept supervision part mentioned according to the proposal to domestic violence crime punishment dynamics, some work arrangement clearly put forward in 2016 trials of the elderly, women and minors in accordance with the law, people with disabilities, such as cases, actively carry out the housework trial reform pilot work. In the report inside limited space, referred to the same items, 4 times does not see more, this is for the "public interests without little things".

      An emphasis on 36 references to reform

      Report is only 18 pages, more than 9900 words, but reflects a national court for one year of work, content involves case, judicial, executive and judicial reform, team construction and so on many aspects, it may be said "contracted but not simple".

      We have learned, report major style innovation, will be in 2015 the people's court for judicial reform as an independent part. Report a change before "year main work" + "the next step work arrangements" "two stages" structure, adopt the style in the new framework, divided into three parts, namely 2015 started in accordance with the situation, we will deepen reform of the judicial situation in 2015 and 2015.

      Part among them, we will deepen reform of the judicial situation in 2015, the first overview report to promote the central deployment of major reform, to carry out the reform measures of the people's court of the 65 cases, and introduced the progress in the attachment, after the report is mainly focused on the full implementation of filing registration system reform, promote the construction of the supreme people's court circuit court, advancing across the administrative court construction, promoting the construction of intellectual property court, promote the reform of the judicial system, deepen the reform of mechanism of system of execution and improve the unified law applicable mechanism, promote the reform of classification management, promote the reform of the people's jury system, deepen the reform of "top ten" for justice. These content the panorama shows the situation, in 2015 the people's court to promote judicial reform angles in response to the social from all walks of life concern for judicial reform.

      Report after finalized, a total of 36 times mentioned the word "reform" in full.

      44 paragraph 110 groups of data as a whole

      Report is very informative, with 44 paragraph as a whole and 110 groups of data introduces different aspects of the work of the people's court. For the implementation of "short, solid, new" requirements, eventually moving part work highlight the details of the contents from the body, in the attachment. Attachment in the last report on the basis of innovation, to adapt to the era of "Internet +" requirements, 8 using qr code, the first link micro video (silent version) and H5 diagram (silent), make the report "move" rise, becomes visualization, efforts to enhance the appeal, appeal and affinity of report, the convenient representatives to discuss work report review, and humane, with "silent version of" video and dynamic figure panorama present work of the people's court.

      Draft report closely around the people's concern and expectation, in response to social concerns, there are a lot of content is remarkable.

      Filing system. Since May 1, 2015 of the people's court filing registration system, the full implementation of the case shall be made, v. will reason, on the spot registration LiAnLv reached 95%, basic solve the problem of difficult case, opens a door for the people to maintain their own rights and interests according to law.

      Let justice more close to the people. Promoting anhui court litigation services experience, accelerate the service hall, legal services, 12368 service hotline "trinity" of legal service center construction, for the parties to provide online, convenient litigation services. Report 7 mentioned "lawyer", emphasize the lawyer service platform should be established and perfect online filing, query and other functions, convenient lawyer participating in litigation.

      To solve difficult execution. Refused to carry out the ruling, no matter what person, resolutely sanctions according to law, the judicial detention, with 14000 faithless person subjected to execution decision for 1145 people to criminal punishment. Even so, the execution difficult problems still exist. In 2016 work arrangement, report to the people cry for the first signal, difficult to perform full declaration of war.

      Beautiful China. Strictly punish environmental pollution crime, conclude the environment pollution and destruction of resources such as crime cases in 19000, up 18.8% year-on-year. Judicial interpretation environment infringement cases, the courts at all levels, adjourned for environmental civil case 78000, focus on service guarantee green development.

      Wisdom court. Build data centralized management platform of the people's court, real-time statistics, updated in real time, dynamic management. Further promote the judicial process, judicial documents, three public execution information platform construction, realizing a complete coverage of the national court, a complete coverage of all the work, complete coverage of staff positions. Report, we will accelerate the development of "court" wisdom, this is the direction of the informatization construction of the people's court and the target. Legal network - Beijing March 16